Our Quality Management System

Jada Holdings Limited is committed to supplying quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. Our success is driven by our consistent strong management’s strategy and a healthy relationship all our customers which we have acquired and retained through:-

  • A focused, experienced management team;
  • A focus on long-term, value added, customer relationships;
  • A high quality, union free workforce;
  • A corporate culture focused on quality, customer service and safety;
  • Modern facilities;
  • High quality and timely customer service;
  • Close attention to market and client needs;
  • Appropriate use of technology to enhance services and communication;
  • Use of advanced information and communication technology to market our services; and
  • Creative and innovative ways to improve on products and service delivery.



Jada Holdings Limited appreciates diversity of needs in office supplies. This informs our deliberate philosophy of client responsiveness to ensure that what we deliver meets the specific needs of the clients. Our commitment is to meet the individual needs of clients through diversifying our approach to supplies and service delivery without compromising our philosophy of cost-effectiveness, quality, style and efficiency.


We believe in team work and going the extra mile in ensuring that customers’ expectations are fulfilled.

Productivity & Efficiency

We supply ergonomic products that contribute to productivity and efficiency of the workforce.


We endeavor to supply products that are safe for use by workers and all persons lawfully present at workplaces in accordance with the legal requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of Kenya.

Value for Money

We supply products that will stand the test of time and are therefore excellent value for money.