JADA EXPRESSResponsive | Timely | Efficient

About Us

Jada Express is an intra-city and intra-country delivery service which also offers door-to-door delivery. We specialise in same day delivery and next day delivery of parcels and cargo within the Republic of Kenya. In order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations we have put in place measures to improve our capacity and internal processes as we strive towards attaining international standards.

Our Promise

We guarantee that we will provide you logistical solutions that will meet your respective corporate and personal needs.  In order to grow with you from strength to strength we have put in place a strong management team backed with capable personnel who have a vast understanding of Kenya’s local transport industry and direct courier market.

To become the most responsive courier/parcel service provider in Kenya that offers wide range of timely services through excellence and perfection.

To be a leading world-class logistics and courier services provider in Kenya

Why Choose us?

Personal attention

We are committed to personally delivering your consignment to your desired destinations without engaging third parties. This way you are assured that we will take charge of the safety of your consignment. At Jada Express we also have in place excellent communication and personalised support to each client

Competitive Pricing

We believe that you do not have to incur costly expenses to deliver your consignment to your clientele, loved ones and friends. Our services are affordable and at our competitive prices we can deliver your priced consignment without worries.

Security and Safety of Consignment

We have unique tracking numbers for every consignment which is only shared with the recipient to ensure that your parcel does not land in wrong hands. In this regard, you can entrust us with your consignment with the peace of mind that we will deliver it in one piece.

Bulk Delivery

You do not have to worry about delivering your bulky consignment to any part of the country. With our bulk delivery service, we enable you to reach every part of the country while enjoying the immense benefits of our cost-effective services.

Always on time

We have a capable team and equipment to deliver your consignment on the same day within the same town or city. To achieve this we are driven by our policy of timeliness which we strictly adhere to. We ensure that we are always on time in delivering your consignment as per your expectations.

Security and Safety of Consignment

We understand the race against time when it comes to your delicate and urgent needs such as delivery of medical equipment, tender documents, banking services, legal documents and so on. We have trained and designated specific personnel who handle different categories of such consignment to ensure they are properly handled by “specialists”.

Door-to-door services

We understand that you may not have the time to move your consignment to our pick-up points and also to collect them from our designated drop-off points. We have tailored our services to suit your commitments and as such our team will pick up and drop your consignment at your doorstep. This will save you costs and the hustles of moving around with your consignment.