Domestic Letters

We deeply understand that corporate and personal communications are still effective with written correspondence through letters to clients and business partners. Jada Express makes real-time delivery of your letters possible. This way you do not have to worry about delays of conveying information to your clientele. We deliver letters to different destinations across the country and to various places within towns and cities.

Domestic Documents

Our range of services includes delivering domestic documents from individuals to companies; from companies to individuals and from companies to companies. We ensure that the documents are properly sealed before dispatch to protect their confidentiality. The range of domestic documents we deliver include legal documents, tender documents, corporate documents and so on.

Domestic Parcel

Our portfolio of delivery of domestic parcel includes items other than documents and letters. These include delivering food to your corporate staff to ensure that no time is wasted in moving around in search for meals. We cooperate with leading restaurants and wide variety of fast-food joints to deliver to you the food of your choice.