What we do

Supply of Construction Materials

Jada understands the diversity of needs in the construction industry. We also appreciate that completion and delivery of construction works and projects is heavily dependent on the quality of construction materials used. This is why we provide our internal and external customers with superior quality asphalt, sand, concrete and aggregate products for commercial, residential and heavy/highway projects and constructions.

Construction management

Jada provides you construction management, design/build and general contracting services.


We offer an extensive Consultancy service to advise on every and any aspect of your construction needs. We are experienced in meeting a wide range of objectives from designing, supervision, construction and maintenance of roads, buildings and so on. creating a complete office from scratch, to resolving a specific design,  technical or budgetary need.


Our dedicated design team will create 2D and 3D plans to illustrate to you the designs of projects that you would be highly intrerested in implementing. Taking inspiration from your needs and desires we will ensure that your construction projects are completed to the highest possible standard.


At Jada our customers enjoy exceptionally competitive prices as we pass on the benefits of highly attractive terms received as a result of our significant purchasing power amongst leading manufacturers and suppliers.

This, coupled with our client-focused service and ongoing support, ensures we provide unrivalled value.

Delivery and Installation

We understand the importance of the smooth running of every project from conception to completion. Our service is designed to offer our clients, complete peace of mind.

Mechanical Works

We provide mechanical works such as rigging services, mechanical piping, steel fabrication and in-plant renovation works.

Earth Moving Operations and Projects

Our work portfolio includes earth moving operations such as installation and maintenance of erosion and sedimentation controls; installation of underground utilities including stormwater management systems, sanitary sewer systems, water mains and domestic services; trenching for electric, telephone, cable and natural gas services; concrete curbs and sidewalks; and asphalt paving.

Maintenance Works

We understand clients’ concerns for the effects of wear and tear. Which is why Jada has in place a comprehensive speciality in providing  maintenance works. We specialise in small to large scale maintenace and renovation works for commercial projects and mid- to high-end residential projects.